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Nourishing, Lightweight Serums.

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Skincare customized for you.

KAYA has done more than refine ordinary skincare. We've started a new wave of addressing skin, personally. We fuse potent, natural ingredients to provide a serum just for YOU. You choose the ingredients; we create it for you. 



Blemishes? No Problem.

Unlike typical blemish-targeted skincare, KAYA addresses the deep-rooted issue of acne-prone skin: the overproduction of sebum, rich in oleic acid. We understand that tackling a skin issue such as acne, using harsh, oil-stripping ingredients (which weaken your skin’s natural defenses) is often only a short-term fix. To address acne for long-term clarity, we use a combination of oils that balances the fatty acid content of the customer’s sebum, thereby decreasing the potential for future breakouts. 

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We use nourishing, natural ingredients to heal the skin. Whether it’s acne, aging, pigmentation, or dullness, KAYA has you covered.

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Skin issues have a tremendous impact on many people. Often, skin is not skin-deep. Having experienced severe acne, the creators of KAYA Skincare seek to lessen the negative impacts of problem skin by creating innovative products that are new and unique—natural products created for each customer to address each specific skin concern.