Our Story. Our Mission.

KAYA is a company created to uplift individuals and inspire a healthy lifestyle of self-care through skincare. KAYA sells custom formulations, along with pre-formulated serums to enhance the unique beauty of each individual. We are a company created by young adults for the rapidly growing and changing world. 

Skin issues have a tremendous impact on many people. Often, problem skin leads to embarrassment, insecurity, and lowered self-esteem. Having experienced severe acne, the creator of KAYA Skincare, Makaya Tome, seeks to lessen the negative impacts of problem skin by creating innovative products that are new and unique—natural products created for each customer to address their specific skin concerns.

We want to create an avenue where customers feel they can accomplish anything they dream, and are free to show their natural, authentic selves to the world. Skin insecurities can often inhibit individuals from freely expressing themselves. At KAYA, we are here to give our community products that will nourish and soothe the skin, so all of us can feel confident being ourselves.

I, Makaya, started this company to show others that clear skin IS possible. I struggled with severe acne all over my cheeks and forehead. I went to several different dermatologists, took many rounds of antibiotics, and used a lot of topical medications. On top of that, I have tried countless chemical peels, facialists, and even a laser treatment for my scarring. I took Accutane, and my acne finally disappeared. I was clear for only a month after I stopped taking the medication, and I still had a face full of hyperpigmentation. My acne returned and I realized I was treating my acne from the wrong angle. I was always stripping my skin of the oils, as an attempt to take away blemishes. At that point, I did a lot of research and instead worked on balancing the fatty acid content of my sebum to reduce clogged pores and inflammation. In turn, I dramatically reduced my breakouts. Now, with the formulations that helped clear my skin, I have created KAYA Skincare. This company treats skin from a different angle than typical cosmetic brands. Because I have gone through my acne journey, I am aware of the mental and emotional toll problem skin has on people. For me, it was tough to approach others, and at one point, even leave my house. I understand that many people have difficulty comprehending how deep skin problems can hurt emotionally. I am here to create products for each individual so we can all have confidence in showing our true selves to the world.

Today, I don’t wear face makeup. I am proud of my skin and I am not afraid to show my true self to others. I have gotten rid of my skin problems, and I hope to help others in their journey towards self-love. 

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